We are specialized in the production and sale of biodiesel (FAME). An integral part to our business activities is the purchase and sale of chemicals and raw materials related to the production of FAME.



Distilled fatty acid methyl ester

FAME is biofuel produced on vegetable-based oils or recycled vegetable oils and arnimal fats. It may contain additives to improve the use properties, such as depressants,

detergents, lubricity additives and corrosion inhibitors. It is primarily used as motor fuel for diesel engines and cogeneration units and as fuel for heat production.

Chemical Parameter Unit Value Analytical Methods
The ester content  %  min. 96,5  EN 14 103
Flash point  °C  > 120  EN ISO 2719
 Sulphur content  mg/kg  max. 25  EN ISO 20 846
 Water content  mg/kg  max. 300  EN ISO 12 937
 The methanol content  %  max. 0,2  EN 14 110
Acid value  mgKOH/g  max. 0,6  EN 14 104
 Phosphorus content  mg/kg  max. 4  EN 14 107
 CFPP  °C  +11  EN 116


Mixture of substance

Ingredients: glycerol, methanol, fat phase, water

Usage: chemical industry, production of chemicals, paints and varnishes, textiles, biogas plants

G-phase of our production can be used only for technical purposes

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